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Inspirational Books for the needy & Prisoners

Sharing A Course in Miracles & The Means for Spiritual Rehabilitation

 This intention of this project is to deliver A Course in Miracles, Letter To A Prisoner and related books to the needy and to prisoners.



Whether your prison is made of concrete and steel or feelings of powerlessness, fear, or regret, Joe Wolfe offers a lifeline to freedom.

What does it feel like to get hit in the head by a cosmic 2X4? We sometimes think of awakening as a single thunderbolt experience after which our lives are instantly and permanently changed. More often than not, however, awakening evolves from a series of subtle and not-so-subtle love taps from God.

Reverend Joe Wolfe, writer, author, speaker and Founder and Director of Spirit Light Outreach, relays his own personal experience with God’s love taps. Embittered by the harshness and emptiness of life in an orphanage, Joe eventually graduated from juvenile crimes and a series of reform schools to the "Big Time"—maximum-security prison. In his message, Joe recounts his experiences in prison, his escape attempts and years in solitary confinement, and the five powerful mystical experiences—The Five Signs—that transformed his life. In this inspiring inside talk with an agnostic’s journey from victim turned victimizer to victor, we journey along with Joe from skepticism to trust—in the potentiality of each and every individual.

Joe Wolfe is the author of four books, Letter To A Prisoner The End of Reincarnation with The Five Signs, In Warm Blood and A Mystic’s Message. He currently hosts a national prison ministry that has been delivering free inspirational books to prisoners for over ten years. During that time many men and women incarcerated in prison have had their lives touched and completely changed through the books sent to them.

Wolfe has been invited to speak to Unity Church & Spiritual congregations all over the country, including Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois. In April of 2015 he has been invited to speak in the UK and in Ireland.

The primary long-term goal of Spirit Light Outreach is to deliver at least three copies of Letter To A Prisoner to every one of the 1,160+ state and federal prison libraries in the United States, our own back yard. And then to expand distrubution to include the delivery of this important book to prison libraries all over the world.

Spirit Light Outreach, PO Box 443, Enola PA 17025-0443


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Rev Joe Wolfe