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Welcome to The Future of Aquaponics

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IMAGINE a world where food shortage no longer exists. Our goal is nutrient rich abundant food with an outreach that is global, born from the realization that there is a global food shortage disconnecting humanity from the healthy, life sustaining nutritious food it needs.


Aquaponics combines  Aquaculture and Hydroponics.  This combination of powerful growing methods eliminates the need for chemical food/fertilizers used in Hydroponics.  Aquaponics also allows for the growing of a full range of fruits, vegetables and fish, unlike aquaculture, which focuses on fish production alone.


Vision of the Future

Aquaponics has the potential to become the most reliable and cost efficient method for providing adequate food supplies to the masses in the 21st century and beyond.  Grown in accordance with nature, imagine a system that has little to no net impact on local environments, is highly nutritious and delicious.

Project Goal: $240,000.00


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