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What Is Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding is quickly becoming the most popular new method to raise money for nearly any kind of goal, project or dream. In Crowdfunding, you create a project which needs financing to initiate or complete. You then ask people to make financial contributions to your project in exchange forsome service or reward back to them.

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We are pleased that you are here visiting our weShare CrowdFunding website! Feel free to look around. However, to participate, you must be referred by someone who is already participating in our crowdfunding platform. If you do not know someone who is already participating, you may contact us at

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How You Benefit:

We$hare is a global community platform which allows you to share your dream project with the world, while leveraging the incredible power of We$hare’s unique Community-sharing business model to raise funds for your project faster and easier than any other platform. By joining We$hare today, you can literally finance your dreams, while also helping others do the same – creating a win win experience for all!

Comparison Chart

We$hare Crowdfunding
Other Platforms
  • No fees
  • Raises funds from an entire network of referrals which branch out from you and just a handful of people; allowing you to enjoy nearly unlimited fundraising potential.
  • Community resources and tools actually show you how to raise funds and build your expanding network of supporters.
  • Create a win win, where all members help financially support all other members; a Community sharing business model.
  • Generally charge % fees on your funds
  • Puts the responsibility for raising funds entirely upon you and your local network of friends, family, and contacts; limiting your potential.
  • Do not show you how to raise funds or find financial supporters; just simply provide the platform.
  • Only encourage financial support from a limited group of people who know you or personally sympathize with your project; not based on Worldwide Community giving and sharing.